The final step of embryo loading is the centerpiece of the whole procedure and the entire Vitrification program rests on the premise of that crucial last one minute. Naturally, the main focus will be on the last step which includes activities such as washing embryos in VS, loading them with minimal media on the cryo device and finally draining excessive media and plunging them into liquid nitrogen. The step is not difficult but certainly is meticulous considering the microscopic aspects of the same coupled with the race with time.

The biggest challenge in Vitrification is the composite of speed with time! However, the technique can be effectively implemented after an extensive stepwise way to learn it by self-devising a good training environment. Firstly, when you get acquainted with the technique, just learning the protocol isn’t the key. There has to be an understanding of the science behind it. It has been seen people panicking when they see embryos shrinking in ES!

If you do your research before the installation of the cables, this will help you avoid the problem of opting for the wrong cable gland size. Apart from this, doing your homework will help you complete the installation much quickly. If you are going to install these units in a high risk area, make sure you follow the safety standards set by the local authorities. Long story short, if you want to choose the right cable gland size for your project, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article. This will help you avoid common mistakes when making this decision. Hopefully, these tips will help you be on the safe side and make an informed decision.



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