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Detailed instructions on how to purchase Pepe Coin on Coinbase

Pepe coin is one of the top meme coins and is available to buy on major crypto exchanges, increasing its adoption in the crypto community. Despite having the potential to make profits, investors are stuck on complex platforms, finding it difficult to buy meme coins like Pepe coins.

Being one of the best crypto exchange platforms, Coinbase is allowing its users to buy Pepe coins on the platform. While beginners can buy any cryptocurrency on Coinbase centralized crypto exchange platform, experienced investors use the Coinbase Pro platform. However, Pepe coin is only available on Coinbase Wallet, one of the top hot crypto wallets, for you to buy.

If you are confused and wondering about how to proceed to buy Pepe coins on Coinbase, look no further. The present article explains the step-by-step process on how to buy Pepe Coin using Coinbase wallet.

How to Buy Pepe Coin Using Coinbase Wallet?

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Download Coinbase Wallet

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The first step to buy Pepe coins on Coinbase wallet is to download the Coinbase wallet on your smartphone. Coinbase wallet is a self-custody wallet and you can install its mobile application or add its browser extension.

Set Up Your Coinbase Wallet

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The next step is to set up your Coinbase wallet, for which you need to choose a username. Username is important to access your Coinbase wallet and to buy Pepe coins on the platform. It even allows other Coinbase wallet users to easily connect and send funds to your account. You can keep your username private based on your preference.

Secure Your Coinbase Wallet

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This step is crucial in the process of buying Pepe coins on Coinbase wallet. Since it is a self-custody wallet, while setting up your account, you will get a recovery phrase or seed phrase, which consists of 12 random words. This is a key to access your funds, which makes it important to store it securely. Recovery phrase also acts as a backup to your wallet. So, store it in a safe place and never share it with anyone.

Add ETH Funds to Your Coinbase Wallet

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After setting up your Coinbase wallet, the next step is to add ETH coins to your wallet. Buy Ethereum on the Coinbase exchange platform and transfer it to your Coinbase wallet. ETH is essential to buy Pepe coins as well as to pay gas fees, the network transaction fees while purchasing. So, you must keep some extra ETH aside to cover gas fees, as it determines how fast the transaction gets executed.

Buy Pepe coin on Coinbase Using ETH

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The final step is to buy your preferred amount of Pepe coins on Coinbase wallet using ETH. After you add ETH to the Coinbase wallet, you can swap your ETH funds for Pepe coins on the platform.

Go to the Assets tab on Coinbase wallet and click on the “Swap” icon. Here, select “Pepe” in the “Choose Asset” section and enter your preferred amount of ETH. Based on the Pepe coin price at the time, you will receive Pepe coins to your wallet. You must give extra ETH to cover gas fees at this step. Once you confirm the transaction, You will receive Pepe coins in your Coinbase wallet!


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Buying Pepe coins on Coinbase wallet is a simple and hassle-free process. First you need to set up your Coinbase wallet, then add ETH, and then swap your ETH for Pepe coins. However, it is important to store your recovery phrase securely as it gives access to your funds. Let us know if this guide on how to buy Pepe coins on Coinbase helped you take the first step in buying Pepe coins!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Since Pepe coin is a meme coin with no inherent value or a specific purpose, investing in PEPE includes a lot of risk.

Install the MetaMask wallet, add ETH funds, and then buy Pepe coins on MetaMask by paying in ETH.

Investors from the US can buy Pepe coins on various crypto exchanges including OKX, Huobi Global, KuCoin, and Binance.

The maximum supply of Pepe coins is 420 trillion and more than 391 trillion coins are currently in circulation as of October 2023.


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